welcome to the daystate owners club

Welcome to the Official Daystate Owners Club, the world wide portal to the first and in many peoples opinion, the best air gun owners site on the net.

From day one in 2006 when we went live early due to demand to join the club to todays mega site we have always attempted to give the owners of Daystate air guns exactly what they want 24/7 and 365 days a year.

We are the official factory news outlet.

Feel free to enter the site and enjoy company of like minded Daystate fans from all over the world.

3 comments to welcome to the daystate owners club

  • cumbrianbob  says:

    This forum is great for making friends on line also meeting them in the flesh, gud banter and always questions answered if youve got a problem with your rifle, i had the pleasure of meeting Tony at greystoke and he knows his daystates. Top bloke, gud work with the forum. i thankyou on behalf of everybody who has joined.

  • iclee  says:

    Due to the hassle of obtaining and maintaining a gun licence I have always been content with target shooting with an airgun.

    If the government is insistent on introducing such controls for air rifles then I would probably switch to using FAC rated airguns, rifles and shotguns instead.

    I am sure that many others would do the same thereby making the country a far more dangerous place.

  • mick  says:

    Hi everyone just bought a FAC Daystate Harrier .25. Will be glad of any advice I’m given about getting it set up properly . The bolt is quite hard to pull back. Anyone got any ideas why.

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